Pamela Meredith
Lower Group

Lower Group (K)

Pamela, known as “Teacher Pam” by many of the youngsters on the Walden campus, always knew she wanted to teach. After seeing her mother work for years in a job she hated, from an early age Pam was determined to work doing something she loved. Pam has been a member of the Walden Collective since 1996. She teaches in the Lower Group. Initially interested in early childhood development, Pam studied liberal arts at Alameda Junior College and earned her BA in Child Development at Chico State University. After graduation, she immediately started working with children, working with preschoolers for twelve years, then kindergarteners, and eventually founding and directing her own daycare center. After raising her son, Pam returned to college for her master’s degree and teaching credential. Pam’s son is a Walden graduate. Pam first heard about Walden from former teacher Jo Brownlow when she was looking for the right school for her son. She admits that her first impression from walking by the school was that “no learning was going on” but, once she attended an information session, she knew there was real learning going on: sensory based learning within a warm, safe community where diverse learning styles are not only respected, but honored, and where children feel valued as individuals.